Jeff Simpson
    Dene Jamison
I’m a professional tennis coach who, despite being over 65, still spends 20 to 30 hours a week on the court. This is a fair amount of time on my feet, and would be taxing enough without the additional impact of dual knee and hip replacements. These were consequences of a cycling accident that also ended the long-distance road running that I had previously used to help keep me fit.

I was determined to remain as active as possible and discovering ECP Therapy has certainly helped. I aim for a session every week and find that each one delivers similar benefits to a 10 or 20 kilometre run, without the wear and tear. I’ve also noticed reduced muscle aches, improved energy and found that I’m more relaxed going to bed where I benefit from deeper sleep than previously.

Jeff Simpson was the longest serving player for the NZ Davis Cup team.  
As a personal trainer with clients at a range of fitness levels I’ve seen the benefits that ECP Therapy can deliver in helping people attain their fitness goals. A number of my clients use ECP as an effective means of reducing lactic acid levels and to aid recovery post-workout. In addition to this, I can also identify a very beneficial 15-20% improvement in flexibility and strength with those clients that regularly use ECP Therapy.

Dene Jamison is a personal trainer with 20 year’s experience.
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